Picture of Makedo Fishing Poles
This weekend we’re going fishing! Pack your Makedo, a paper tube (a long one is best), some string, an old CD and a ribbon spool or some thick cardboard to wind your fishing line on. Paper cups are also great to make the fish we’re going to catch!

To catch our fish, we used Makedo Lock-hinges to create a ‘hook’ shape at the end of the fishing line. Another Lock-hinge was used to make a clever handle to wind the fishing line up with. 
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Step 1: Find materials

Picture of Find materials
For this project you will need a paper tube, paper cups, string, a CD and ribbon spindle or some cardboard, lids and Makedo Parts from

Step 2: Make some fish: tail

Picture of Make some fish: tail
Let’s start by making a fish to catch. Begin by flattening one end of the paper cup and cut out a fish tail shape.

Step 3: Make some fish: eyes

Picture of Make some fish: eyes
To make eyes for your fish, use the point end of the Makedo Safe-saw and punch a hole on each side of the second cup. Connect lids to the holes using Makedo Re-clips.

Step 4: Make some fish: assemble

Picture of Make some fish: assemble
Place the tail you prepared earlier inside the second cup. Punch a hole on each side and connect them together. We’ve also added paper fins before fastening the Makedo Re-clip.

To complete your fish, punch a hole at the center of the tail. Connect together using a Makedo Re-clip. This will keep the tail nice and flat.

Step 5: Making the fishing rod

Picture of Making the fishing rod
To make the fishing rod, use the Makedo Safe-saw and punch a hole at one end of the paper tube. Layer the CD, the ribbon spindle (or some card cut into a circle) and a Makedo Lock-hinge on a right angle to the punched hole and connect using a Makedo Re-clip. The hinge will act as the reel for your fishing rod.

Step 6: Making the fishing rod: connect the line

Picture of Making the fishing rod: connect the line
Thread string through the paper tube and wrap one end of it around the spindle, then tie it to the hinge on your rod.
On the opposite end of the string, make a hook by connecting two Makedo Lock-hinges on a 45 degree angle.