Picture of Makedo Juice Carton Bird Feeder
Birds are fascinating creatures, and we want to help you get close to them! Birds are not only integral to our ecosystem but provide us with great pleasure in our daily lives with their cheerful songs, intriguing movements and broad spectrum of colours. So this week we decided to pay a little homage to our feathered friends.

Discover the different species that live in your neighbourhood by building this simple Makedo bird feeder. We've made ours using a reclaimed juice carton and Makedo parts available from mymakedo.com.
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Step 1: Find materials

Picture of Find materials
To make this friendly bird feeder, you will need a large milk or juice carton (we painted ours!), a few pencils, some bottle lids, cupcake liners, a plastic container lid, some string, cardboard, two Makedo Lock-hinges, and nine Makedo Re-clips.

Step 2: Cut the arch

Picture of Cut the arch
Our Bird Feeder is going to be in the shape of a friendly owl. Using a pen, draw an arch shape towards the bottom of each side of your carton. Cut out the arch as shown in the image. Keep one of your cut out arches to create your Owl’s beak!

Step 3: Insert pencil perch

Picture of Insert pencil perch
Using the end of your Makedo Safe-saw poke a few holes under the arches and insert your pencils as shown. Birds will be able to perch on these pencils while they are eating from the feeder!

Step 4: Create platforms

Picture of Create platforms
Insert wings to body.jpg
Cut your plastic container lid in half. Poke a hole through one side and attach a Makedo Lock-hinge with a Makedo Re-clip. You will need to lock your hinge at a 90 degree angle.

Next, poke a hole in the side of your carton and attach the other half of the hinge to create a sturdy wing. Do this on both sides.

Step 5: Eye see you

Picture of Eye see you
To create the eyes, thread a Reclip first through a plastic bottle lid and then a cupcake liner, and poke through the carton.We then created a simple beak out of one of our arch cut outs and attached it under the eyes using a Makedo Re-clip.
I want to make this! Very nice and unique!