Become the King of the Jungle with this cute cardboard Lion Mask!
We've made ours using reclaimed cardboard and a combination of Makedo Re-clips and the clever little Makedo Scrus available from make.do.
For those who haven't seen them before, the Makedo Scru is a cardboard screw that can be used to join a few pieces of card together, without the need for a fastener or connector on the back. It also has a slot on the top that makes it really easy to attach decorative features to your creation.

So now let's head out onto the African Savannah and make a Lion Mask, just in time for Halloween.

Step 1:

Gather your materials, Makedo parts and print out the included Lion Mask template.
Carefully cut out all template pieces from stiff cardboard using a sharp blade. Use the point end of the Makedo Safe-saw to punch holes and score lines as marked.

Take care when punching holes for the nose. Make sure that the holes you make are not too big - they should be just large
enough for the Makedo Re-clip to slide through. This part needs to fit tightly so that the nose can be attached securely.

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