Picture of Makedo Marble Run
Create a twisting, turning Marble Run and race your friends through towers and tunnels.
We’ve used milk cartons to build the towers, and paper tubes for the marble paths. These reclaimed materials can be quickly and easily connected together with Makedo parts available at mymakedo.com.

Step 1: Find

Picture of Find
To make this Marble Run, source milk cartons for towers and paper tubes for the marble path.

Step 2: Build

Picture of Build
To make the towers, use the Makedo Safe-saw and remove the base of the milk carton. For two of the cartons, we will also need to saw the top off.

Step 3: Connect

Picture of Connect
To give your towers different heights, place one milk carton on top of the other as shown. Use the point end of the Makedo Safe-saw and punch a hole in the side. Be sure to pierce through both cartons. Connect using Makedo Re-pins and Re-clips.

Step 4: Connect

Picture of Connect
Repeat until you have 3 milk carton towers of different heights.

Step 5: Cut

Picture of Cut
Cut out holes in the sides of the towers for the path of your Marble Run.

Step 6: Cut

Picture of Cut
To create the path, use the Makedo Safe-saw and cut the paper tubes in half.

Step 7: Connect

Picture of Connect
Connect the opened tubes together using Makedo Re-pins and Re-clips. Make the paths as long or as short as you wish. If you want to change your path, simply remove the Makedo Re-clip and adjust the direction or angle. Then reconnect it with Makedo.

Step 8: Build & Share

Picture of Build & Share
Position the path to align with the cut holes on the milk carton towers. Attach with Makedo Hinges, Re-pins and Re-clips.
You are now ready to put your marble run to the test! Create different paths and have a Marble Run race with your friends.
makedo-able (author)  EpicCraftMan3 years ago
Thank you!
awesome i saw something like this at a store now i can save my money
Ez-Kabob3 years ago
That's so cool!
3ddementor3 years ago
I love the simplicity, you should make a HUGE one and then post a video or something like that :)
makedo-able (author)  3ddementor3 years ago
Now thats a challenge! Love the idea. Thanks! :)