Picture of Makedo Marble Run
Create a twisting, turning Marble Run and race your friends through towers and tunnels.
We’ve used milk cartons to build the towers, and paper tubes for the marble paths. These reclaimed materials can be quickly and easily connected together with Makedo parts available at mymakedo.com.

Step 1: Find

Picture of Find
To make this Marble Run, source milk cartons for towers and paper tubes for the marble path.
makedo-able (author)  EpicCraftMan3 years ago
Thank you!
awesome i saw something like this at a store now i can save my money
Ez-Kabob3 years ago
That's so cool!
3ddementor3 years ago
I love the simplicity, you should make a HUGE one and then post a video or something like that :)
makedo-able (author)  3ddementor3 years ago
Now thats a challenge! Love the idea. Thanks! :)