Makedo Milk Carton Fish





Introduction: Makedo Milk Carton Fish

Turn your packaging into a friendly fish from the sea with this quick reuse craft project.
Gather together a milk carton, bottle caps and colourful or shiny material like foil baking cups. Attach them all together with our easy to follow instructions and Makedo parts from

Step 1: Find

Source materials from around your home. We’ve used a milk carton for the body, bottle caps for the eyes and baking cups and cardboard for the fins.

Step 2: Build

To create the body, open up the bottom flaps of your milk carton.

Step 3: Eyes

Use the Makedo Safe-saw and punch a hole in the bottle caps and in the open flaps of the milk carton. These will be the eyes for your Fish.

Step 4: Fins

For the Fish fins, fold your baking cups in half and connect them to the sides of your Fish body using Makedo Re-clips.

Step 5: Cut

Cut fin shapes out of cardboard to create the dorsal (top) fin of your Fish.

Step 6: Connect

Connect this cardboard fin to the top of your Fish body using Makedo Re-clips and a Makedo Lock-hinge on a right angle.

Step 7: Tail

Finally, pinch the end of your Fish carton body so that the triangle shaped flaps are pointed out. Connect the sides together using Makedo Re-clips.

Step 8: Complete

Your Milk Carton Fish is now complete! What other Fishy characters can you make using reclaimed materials and Makedo? Remember to share your creation at, we would love to see it!



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    These are too cute!

    They're so cute and clever!