Become the 'Chief of Reuse¹ in your household with this
Feathered Headdress made from recycled materials.

In Plains Indians culture headdresses are earned through brave and
honourable deeds, with each feather symbolising one deed. ­So the more feathers
one has, the more honourable deeds they have performed.

Happy making!

Step 1: Find

Find materials from around your home to make your Feathered Headdress. We’ve used ribbon, bottle caps and left over coloured paper to decorate our Headdress. Craft feathers and scraps of colourful fabric would be perfect.
Nice build but please don't call it a Native American headdress, as it's not in any way. Call it something else and let it be appreciated on its own merits, please. I could say a lot more but we have a &quot;be nice' policy. <br> <br>BTW, reference to Native American practices in the past tense is often a bad sign.. Native Americans and their cultural ways are alive and well in the present tense.
Hi jonipinkney. Appreciate the feedback. We've made some adjustments taking your advice on board :) as your observations were certainly unintentional. Thanks
Thanks. Actually, this piece reminds me of the feathered masks / headpieces I'e seen people wear at Carnival (New Orleans). Some of them are very nice, artfully done. It occurred to me that if the &quot;feathers&quot; on this were made out of aluminum pop cans, it wouldn't add much to the weight and the piece would be more durable. It would probably also make a nice sound when the wearer is dancing.
Interesting idea! Perhaps a new costume for us in the making. Certainly like the integration of sound into our projects!
I understand that there's a 'be nice' comment policy, but there are times when it's neccesary to be educational even when that's not precisely nice, because you've noted that someone is doing something hurtful. I don't believe that you're acting in malice at all, but in ignorance and following a very popular trend right now. So here's some info:<br> <br> Cultural appropriation is not beautiful. It&rsquo;s not cute. It&rsquo;s not excusable because you didn&rsquo;t know any better.<br> <br> http://nativeappropriations.blogspot.com/2010/04/but-why-cant-i-wear-hipster-headdress.html<br> <br> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cultural_appropriation<br> <br> <br> Here&rsquo;s a quick checklist for whether it&rsquo;s ok to wear a war bonnet:<br> <br> Was it placed onto your head by an elder/legitimate authority figure from a select number of plains nations because you personally achieved something so great that it is worthy of that kind of honor? (corrolary: If yes to the above, are you currently wearing it in an appropriate ceremonial fashion/setting? Like are you at a powwow or speaking with the president?)<br> <br> If you answered &lsquo;no&rsquo; then it is not ok.<br> <br> Any more than it would be ok to buy a decorated veteran&rsquo;s purple heart that he had to pawn and put -that- on for a sexy photoshoot -because you were bored-. What you are doing is that kind of disrespect, on top of the slap in the face that is cultural appropriation in general.<br> <br> When you dress up like this and take photos like this it adds one more images to the ponderous pile of this shit that creates the pervasive cultural notion that this is what people should think of when they hear &lsquo;Native American&rsquo; , and it hurts real Native American people. It creates, in the minds of the people that see you dressed like that, a stereotype - a caricature of what Native people do/should look like that erases us in reality and removes us from their perception of the modern world. It turns &lsquo;Native American&rsquo; into someone wearing beads and headbands and feathers and face paint. It turns an ethnic, racial identity into a costume.<br> We feel this in our daily lives.<br> <br> I don't think that you're a racist person. I don't think that you intended to hurt anyone. I don't think that you're bad or mean or stupid. I think that you didn't know.<br> <br> But racism is not in your intent.<br> <br> Your intent is immaterial in how racist your actions are.<br> <br> This isn&rsquo;t about you BEING a racist. It&rsquo;s about you DOING A THING that is racist, unknowing and innocent of the hurt you were causing, because you wanted to make something beautiful and fun.<br> <br> Your intent doesn&rsquo;t change the fact that this is hurtful. Your ignorance of its meaning doesn&rsquo;t change it. It&rsquo;s got nothing to do with you as a person and everything to do with the meaning of your action in the context of sociocultural history.
Hey makedo-able, this is a great Headdress! I must try it on &quot;Purim&quot;. Thank's!

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