It’s time to embrace the Olympic spirit!
Celebrate friendship, unity and fair play by hosting your own Olympic Hurdle event.
We’ve made our Olympic Hurdles out of milk cartons, coffee cups, yoghurt tubs and magazine pages along with Makedo parts available at mymakedo.com

Step 1: FInd

Picture of FInd
To make your Olympic Hurdles, source materials such as yoghurt tubs, milk cartons and coffee cups to make the stand. Find paper tubes and magazne pages to make your Hurdle gate.
A fitting idea for a medal would be to use a lid from a soup can (what's removed from the can by a can opener) and either paint it the various winning colors, or use aluminum foil and sharpie on a 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc.
makedo-able (author)  Mythbuster0093 years ago
Brilliant idea! thanks! :D