It’s time to embrace the Olympic spirit!
Celebrate friendship, unity and fair play by hosting your own Olympic Hurdle event.
We’ve made our Olympic Hurdles out of milk cartons, coffee cups, yoghurt tubs and magazine pages along with Makedo parts available at mymakedo.com
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Step 1: FInd

Picture of FInd
To make your Olympic Hurdles, source materials such as yoghurt tubs, milk cartons and coffee cups to make the stand. Find paper tubes and magazne pages to make your Hurdle gate.

Step 2: Roll

Picture of Roll
To make your Hurdle gates, roll up pages of magazines. You can also use other materials such as paper tubes as your Hurdle gate.

Step 3: Punch

Picture of Punch
To make the stand for your hurdle, use the point end of the Makedo Safe-saw and punch a hole in the side of 2 milk cartons. Ensure the holes are the same height. Connect a Makedo Lock-hinge on a right angle to the punched holes with Makedo Re-clips.

Step 4: Connect

Picture of Connect
Now connect the rolled up magazine to the milk cartons by placing it on top of the right angled Lock-hinge. Secure it to the Lock-hinge using Makedo Re-clips.

Step 5: Build

Picture of Build
Use various other materials to make the remaining stands for your Hurdles. We have used paper cups so they can be stacked to different heights. Use the Makedo Safe-saw and punch a hole in the cups and lids of the cups.

Step 6: Connect

Picture of Connect
Connect your Hurdle gate to the paper cups using Makedo Re-clips.

Step 7: Build

Picture of Build
Finally connect the paper cups so that they stack using Makedo Re-clips.

Step 8: Complete

Picture of Complete
Your creation is now complete! Why not start your own mini olympics with other sporting activities created using reclaimed materials and Makedo. You can even make some gold medals and trophies. We would love to see your creations, so remember to share them at mymakedo.com.