Picture of Makedo Pizza Box Art Easel
Here is a fun DIY project for any aspiring artist. To make this Makedo Art Easel, all you need is a pizza box, some plastic lids and Makedo parts available from mymakedo.com.

Step 1: Find and fold

Picture of find and fold
Gather the materials for your Makedo Art Easel. You will need some flat cardboard, a pizza box and Makedo Parts.

To begin, create a fold on the lid at around 1/4 of the way from the hinge of the box.
MityManiac2 years ago
Also i vl like to add is that just cover the support of the drawing sheet wth a transperency or some plastic sheet to avoid wetting of the box-board!!!
Rest is all great!!!
makedo-able (author)  MityManiac2 years ago
Yeah great idea so the board doesn't get too soggy. Thanks!
most welcome!!! :D
MityManiac2 years ago
Great work dude!!!
i made a similar 1 with a carton
was a bit complex fo me
bt the idea ws great
well m nt an artist
so all i did is gifted it to my sis :P
Nyc1 :D
makedo-able (author)  MityManiac2 years ago
Cool, would like to see it sometime! Thanks for the comment.
Great idea. Good for make-shift open air painting and a great project for a classroom.
This is beyond awesome! Makes me wish I had a pizza box, and Makedo parts. I bet the same could be done with simple binder clips for those of us who don't own Makedo. I'll try it the next time we order out.
makedo-able (author)  brianadkison2 years ago
Cool, be sure to share it if you do!
poofrabbit2 years ago
Oh this is so cool!!!