Introduction: Makedo Pizza Box Gramophone

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Planning a pizza night in? Boy have we got a fun project for you. Here, we show you how to turn your pizza box into a Makedo Gramophone that really works.

All you need to make this amazing musical creation is a pizza box, some paper, a pencil and pin, plastic lids, an old vinyl record and Makedo parts available from

This DIY record player could damage fragile records. Although it will successfully play music, we recommend only using it on old albums that you (or your parents) won't miss if they get ruined. 
Why does this happen? It's because the pin we are using to read the record is not as delicate or sensitive as a commercial record player needle. 
We suggest buying some old records from a yard sale or thrift shop to use with your Makedo Gramophone.

Step 1: Gather Materials

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Collect the materials you'll need to create this working gramophone.

Step 2: Create the Cone

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Roll up the piece of paper into a cone shape and hold it in place using Makedo Re-clips.

Use the pin to pierce through the end of the cone.

Step 3: Create the Cone Support

Picture of Create the Cone Support

Use 3 Makedo Lock-Hinges and connect them together with Makedo Re-clips as shown in the image, making a Y shape. Place the cone on top of the Y shaped Lock-Hinges and connect it using Makedo Re-clips.

Step 4: Connect to the Box

Picture of Connect to the Box

Now connect the hinge to the top corner of the pizza box.

Step 5: Prepare the Vinyl Record

Picture of Prepare the Vinyl Record

Using the Makedo Safe-Saw, Punch holes in the centre of the yogurt lids. Place your pencil in the punched holes with the vinyl record sandwiched between.

Step 6: Attach Record to the Box

Picture of Attach Record to the Box

Punch a hole in the top of the pizza box to position your vinyl record.

Place the pencil in the punched hole to complete!

Carefully place the pin on to the record and slowly turn the pencil as you listen through the cone. Play your favourite old tracks. Don’t forget to share your creation at We would love to see it!


blabbersnitch made it! (author)2017-08-17

When my son found a record on the side of the road, he thought he had found a frisbee. So we took it home, I found this instructable, and made a similar record player. The record wasn't worth anything so I just hot-glued it to the pencil!.

The kids loved it.

beopkik (author)2013-05-19

Wow great! In this case, does record is OK against the needle? Record will not be damaged??

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