Become a secret agent with the Makedo Sneaky Spy Periscope. Snoop around corners and discover what happens when you’re not in the room! Will you catch the cookie thief?
To make this Periscope, we’ve used 2 small mirrors, some cardboard, milk cartons and Makedo parts available from mymakedo.com

Step 1: Find

Picture of Find
To make your Makedo Periscope, you will need 2 milk cartons, 2 compact mirrors, 2 pieces of cardboard for your mirrors to sit on and some Makedo parts.
pics are indeed great!!! ever thought of posting an instructable on dat???... :D
makedo-able (author)  Siddharth Jain3 years ago
Thank you! Yes i have created instructions on how to make it already. :D
Ah!....I need to check out all your instructables then!!!...... :D
racine14293 years ago
memorris0273 years ago
Too funny! Love the Toy Story aliens in the background as well haha!
Ranie-K3 years ago
Great photos!