Join the battle against waste with this Makedo creation. Instead of buying that new toy, you can make it yourself!

In a few short actions our Transformer changes from a truck into an imposing robot. Follow these instructions to build your own Transformer out of reused packaging from around the home. We've used Makedo parts available at mymakedo.com to connect it all together.

Step 1: Find

Find materials from around your home to make this Transformer. We've sourced:

1 x tissue box

1 x biscuit tray
4 x bottle lids

2 x coffee cup and lid 
2 x yogurt tubs

1 x small box
1 x cardboard sheet
2 x bottle caps

Someone's got a Core i5 inside
thank you for bringing back my childhood :)
What... <br> <br>Amazing.
Thank you! :D Try make one with things from around your home. It's so much fun!
This is so cool!

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Bio: Makedo is a simple to use, open-ended system of tools for creative cardboard construction. Build imaginative and useful creations from upcycled (repurposed) everyday cardboard. Makedo ... More »
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