Makedo Carp





Introduction: Makedo Carp

Create a carp  with the most simplest material found in your home. All you need is an empty tissue box and Makedo re-pins and re-clips available at

This instructable was designed by Tanaka Satoshi, Makedo's master maker in Japan.

Step 1: Find

Source an empty tissue box and cut down 1/4 of the way down of the four edges.

Step 2: Punch

Bring the top and bottom corners together and use the point end of the Makedo safe-saw to punch a hole through the card.

Step 3: Connect

Connect using a Makedo pin and clip. Repeat step 2 and 3 on the opposite side. This should create a rounded head for your carp.

Step 4: Score

Turn over the tissue box and use the point end of the Makedo safe-saw to lightly score two lines from the corner to the centre. Fold the score line as shown in the image.

Step 5: Cut

Turn the box over and cut a slit at the end of the tissue box hole. Fold in the flaps as shown in the image. Use the Makedo pin and clip to connect the bottom corner to hold the folds made in step 4 and 5.

Step 6: Build

Create a fin at the end of the box, made from the slit cut previously.

Step 7: Build

Turn over the box and using the Makedo safe-saw, saw flippers from beneath and fold them out.

Step 8: Share

Your Makedo carp is complete. Top it off with a tissue coming out from above as a fin. Share and upload your creation to



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    Since there's a cavity inside (and there's a tissue fin) couldn't you still use these carps as a tissue dispenser?