Introduction: Makedo Cup Sphere

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Create this beautiful sphere out of plastic cups without the use of sticky tape, only the use of makedo reusable pins and clips. 

Step 1: Materials:

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Makedo Kit for 30.
163 plastic or paper cups
Soldering iron

Step 2: Core Template

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For this sphere you will need to make two templates, one with 6 holes which is the core template and a 3 hole template that attaches to the 6 hole template. Firstly mark one cup with 6 evenly distanced dots positioned around 3/4 height of the cup.

Step 3: 3 Hole Template

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To get the points for the 3 hole template, place two cups beside the core template aligned with the dots. Mark the point where the dot is located on one of the unmarked cups. One the same cup mark the point where it touches the second unmarked cup. 

Step 4: 3 Hole Template

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To complete the 3 hole template, mark the final dot across from the 2 dots. It should situate in the centre of the 2 dots forming a isosceles triangle.

Step 5: Making Holes

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Use the soldering iron and make holes on the drawn dots large enough to fit a makedo pin through. 

Step 6: Marking Holes

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Using the two templates just created, use it to mark and make holes on the remaining cups. You will need in total 23 of the 6 hole cups and 138 of the 3 hole cups.

Step 7: Creating One Unit

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Now the fun part! The sphere is made up of 23 units. To create one unit, place 6 3 hole cups surrounding one 6 hole cup. 

Step 8:

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Align the holes up with the 6 pin cup. Note the placement of the cups in pairs. Using makedo pins, place the pins as shown in the image.

Step 9:

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Step 10:

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Step 11:

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Secure the cups with makedo clips.

Step 12:

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You have just completed one unit....22 more to go! Repeat steps 7-12 for the remaining cups.

Step 13: Sphere Assemblage

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To connect the units together, simply align the holes of the cup. The cup pairs mentioned earlier should align together with the cup pair of the other unit. Continue with this connection method and it should start to build.

Step 14:

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Step 15: COMPLETE!

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