Build a cardboard laptop stand that keeps all the cables in place with no tangles. A must for everyone with a laptop. All you need is a box and Makedo re-pins and re-clips available at mymakedo.com.

This instructable was designed by Tanaka Satoshi, Makedo's master maker in Japan.

Step 1: Find

Source a cardboard box that is wide enough to sit your laptop on.
<p>This is an excellent design -- thank you! I will make one suggestion for improving the aesthetics and the feel: score on the inside rather than the outside. It will still be easy to make a precise fold on the diagonal, but this way you'll have a smooth outside edge.</p><p>Could you please comment about making the folds for the ledge? I find it difficult to make a precise fold going against the grain of the cardboard. The ledge is definitely the tricky part of making a cardboard laptop stand. From the pictures, your ledge came out beautifully.</p>
Quite different from the robots and cars the kids make at work.. lolz <br>Never thought of using Makedo products for adult uses.
By all means &lsquo;make do&rsquo; with other things you have lying around at home to make a similar stand. In this Instructable we are showing one way of doing it using our connectors that hold things sturdily &ndash; and are reusable.
Sweet! Nice job. I did something very similar with an Amazon box for my laptop. Mine doesn't look as good as yours. It works. :-)
Thank you! :D
Nice &amp; tidy. Recommend that you check for wrist strain after you use for a while, and if your hand aches, modify the angle to more flat.
Just so I understand correctly, we have to BUY pins and clips from you to make this?
crazy huh? Glue, tape, x-acto knife, those folding push-pin things. Otherwise all this Makedo stuff cost more than actually buying products. I don't like where this is going...... Maybe if make do actually told us what we could use that everyone has and then tell us why their product is even a better choice? I am actually interested in the saw for my son as it is safer than an x-acto knife, but this abuse of instructables means I will not be shopping at make do.<br>
An ordinary serrated steak knife would make a fine saw. Regular table knives are serrated - some more than others - so that might work too depending on the cardboard. But since they require more force they're more prone to slip &amp; potentially injure. Might be good experiment for your son on picking the right tool for the job!<br><br>Agree with commenters on the unfortunate marketing angle.
I totally agree. Its also a contradiction to call yourself &quot;Makedo&quot; if one can't &quot;Make Do&quot; with what they have in the instructable...
Yeah, it seems like it. Personally I wouldn't put up an Instructable on this as any reasonably imaginative person could do it without instructions or any special 're-pins'. No offence to the author, but this seems to be a marketing Instructable.
You could also dress it up a bit with wrapping paper or that sticky contact paper.
That's a great idea! Thanks for the tip. :)
Great reuse for those boxes!

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