Maker Faire Fun





Introduction: Maker Faire Fun

The Maker Fair in Austin was incredible. Some pictures are ...well, I did my best I could with my little camera. Here are a few highlights. (I wish I could have captured more.)
In step 4, I have an instructable on making a purse from the Swap-A-Rama.

Step 1: Walk All Over the Place!

We spent 6 hours going to and from the faire, so we made sure to experience everything we could.

Outside: the giant Mouse Trap, the cycle-powered wheel, and the guitar pick cycle amused the crowds and kids.

The EPYBird Diet Coke & Mentos show dazzled everyone!

An incredible car, covered with singing fish and lobsters, gteeted us when we arrived. 2 fish at the top led the way with a maestro in the middle.
(Sadly, the pictures didn't come out.)
Also outside.....huge kites, catapults, rockets, bicycle snake, performers, Microsoft booth, giant skull to put flowers on, and I know I'm forgetting so much more.

Step 2: Inside the Arena

The main arena had Robogames, First Robotics, and the Tesla Coil show. (See the videos at the beginning.)

Also in the main arena were some amazing Robotics groups showing off their talents. I especially liked the life-sized R2D2 units.

Step 3: The Covered Barn

This takes an entire day itself. I only covered a few places though. Of course, Instructables were there, and we were able to meet the staff. There were electric cars, cnc machines, artists, and shows.

Check out the Dirt Art, the metal working, the electric cars, and the fire show.

Step 4: Swap-A-Rama

This is where I really had fun. What to make...what to make...I couldn't think, so I made another purse. I can't take credit for this instructable though. It's a combination of 2 instructables: colindd95, Bed Book Bag from Jeans, and for the straps, I took advice from weiblen.c, Recycled Denim Shopping Bag.

There were many people helping me, but my main, tireless helpers were Kevin, Missy & Shannon. I also want to thank the lady who gave me the Girl Scout patches!

I was going to make another jean purse, but found some dress pants instead. I accented the top/waist of the bag with pieces from a Hawaiian shirt. For the straps, I removed some yarn flowers and butterflies from a shirt, and sewed them on. Since they were kind enough to do screen printing for us, I thought I should have that done too. (It took about an hour to make.)
Mouse over the pictures for instructions.

Step 5: Swap-A-Rama (Continued From Last Step)

There were too many pictures, so this is the second half.

Step 6: Show Your Pictures in the Comment Sections....

If you have better pictures, and I'm sure you do, please comment and add them. I will be able to add some more from a friend Monday evening.

By the way, the Mouse Trap people need your donations. It cost 7k to get the Mouse Trap there last year. This year, it was 12k. They really put on an exciting show.



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I made the jet pack

Smeg, I'm on the wrong continent again.

Narf! I haven't heard the word SMEG since watching Red Dwarf on PBS. Ha!

Yer, Great show. I keep it in my phone to watch when I'm bored.

great that someone remembers that

i wish i went.
where and when is it?

I was there!!! It was very awesome, seeing all of the crazy contraptions and what not...

Looks like everyone around the world gets to enjoy the Maker Faire this year except Texas????!!!! Do we not all know the phrase....Don't Mess with Texas? Yes, I understand the economy, but Texas had large turn outs the first 2 years out of the gate. We bragged to everyone who would listen; got them excited, then felt like Linus after the Great Pumpkin didn't show up. Humph.