Step 5: Test It Out!

Now it's time to hook it up and test it out!

Refer to the Monitor Hack Instructable for instructions on how to connect the aluminum wire to the anode. Be sure to pay attention to the part where you carefully discharge the high voltage!

The ground wire needs to go to ground, of course. The easiest place to attach the ground wire to is the inside of the monitor at the same place the high voltage was discharged to.

Turn it on and test it out!

If everything is nice and tight, there should be a great lightning show around all sides of the globe.

If it's arcing to the stem, you'll need to turn it off and trim the screen on the bottom some more.

Watch the video to see it in action:

would this work if i used a low voltage source????? cause the high voltage sounds kinda dangerous...
actually, volts dont kill. amperage does. thats why tazers have over 1000000 volts. i can't say weather this would work or not, and i'm definantly saying this isn't dangerous! so be careful.
Actually its voltage and current toghter that kill low voltage and high current shouldnt kill at all and vice versa tasers work at 10kv
<p>Actually badideasrus it is not the voltage or the amperes that kill you. It is the combination of the two that kills you. Voltage is a measure of the power and amperes is the measure of current. Without power, then you have no current and without current, then there is no power being conducted to you or anything else</p>
<p>Voltage is a measure of the electro-motive FORCE, not the POWER Power is the multiple of the motive force, and the current (speed at which the electrons are being pushed through the circuit by the motive force); IE, Voltage times Current = Power. And actually, it IS the current that kills you. Any current flowing through your heart at about .2 amps or higher is considered lethal, regardless of the voltage.</p>
<p>anyone feel like posting a way to do this but as a plate ?</p>
<p>DIY plasma lamp (Electric arc inside a light bulb) https://youtu.be/Mir6mnAGUlg</p>
<p>what if your'e a kid?</p>
<p>can i use 4 battreys to power this ?</p>
<p>I actually discovered this inadvertantly at Barnes and Noble! I'm definitely going to try it. :-)</p>
Making One for the first time, what kind of high voltage wire should I use to connect the bulb to the flyback transformer?
if i make this is there a way to build a battery pack and hook it up to that? if so how? thanks!
Hi, <br> <br>When you say, &quot;Feed the wire through the side hole, then through the top and attach it to the bulb.&quot; where exactly on the bulb are you saying to attach it? <br> <br>Thanks for your help, and great instructable.
Would a 12,000 volt, 30 milliamp power supply work?
Are you using an NST?
this is a good project
Hello, this is cool, but you get better results with an AC High Volage. With 15kVAC or higher and frequencies above 10kHz you do not need a groundplane around the bulb an you cn direct the discharges with your fingers. For Supply you can use an old TV Flyback without rectification and use the 2n3055 driver from Sam Barrows powerlabs http://www.powerlabs.org/flybackdriver.htm#FLYBACKS: or with FETs http://tonic-lab.com/img/highvoltage/ZVS_mkI/scheme.png
If you want some really nice sparks you should switch your power supply with a neon transformer.
that would be cool. I wonder does the voltage have to be 30,000V? p.s Tesla made the lightbulb 20 years before the factories "invented" them. GO TESLA!!!!!!
umm hate to burst your buble but Thomas Edison invented the lightbulb.
bubble hasn't been busted yet. gimme proof that he invented it before tesla
Actually Humphry Davy invented the light bulb. Also to the rest of you Nickola Tesla had really nothing to do with the light bulb.
ummm hate to burst yours but edison perfected the art of making the lightbulb<br /> <br /> tesla invented the lightboub<br />
And Edison had one heck of a time doing it. He wanted the bulb to be DC run, which put far too much stress on the fillament. And, the bulbs were no brighter or safer than candles at the time.
dude no Im fairly positive he invented the lightbulb- yes he &quot;perfected&quot; it but those perfections were what made it work. Ive got nothing against tesla he kicks edisons butt but edison invented the lightbulb.
You are both WRONG.<br /> I'm a Canadian, so I should know this. <p><font size="3">In 1875, Edison purchased half of a Toronto medical electrician's patent to further his own research.&nbsp; That researcher was named James Woodward.<br /> Woodward and a colleague by the name of Matthew Evans, described in the patent as &quot;Gentleman&quot; but in reality a hotel keeper, filed a patent for the Woodward and Evan's Light on July 24, 1874.<br /> Working at the Morrison's Brass Foundry on Adelaide St. West in Toronto, they built the first lamp with a shaped rod of carbon held between electrodes in an glass bulb filled with nitrogen. <br /> Woodward and Evans were treated as cranks and subject to much public ridicule.&nbsp; &quot;Who needs a glowing piece of metal!!&quot;&nbsp; They attempted, with very little success, to form a company to raise money to refine and market their invention.&nbsp; (Where is the federal government when you really need them?) <br /> In 1876, Woodward obtained a U.S. patent on his electric lamp and, in 1879, Edison considered it sufficiently important to completely buy out the patent from Woodward, Evans, and all their Canadian partners.&nbsp; Woodward sold a share of his Canadian patent to Thomas Edison in 1885.&nbsp; <br /> Thus the electric light bulb became American.</font></p> So it was us! The Canadians that made the lightbulb.<br /> I don't know where you guys are coming from, but this is the TRUE story. I even put a story in the Newspaper about it.<br /> <br /> --ZaderMan
Then you sir are guilty of spreading propaganda!<br />
It's not Propaganda! Look it all up! All of the history behind the light bulb. I know this. I did research on it for weeks.
ahhh lol,&nbsp; I would not concern myself with the light bulb for weeks but if its your pleasure so be it....... YAWN....zzzzzzz...night - nite!<br />
May I ask, how much do you know about the lightbulb? Seeing as you haven't even said anything about it yet...
frankly to be honest and I do not want to start a fight but does it really matter what country invented what give me a break.<br />
history is that!!!, <br /> I do not need to be historically Correct to construct one just understand the why behind the construction. lab work does NOT = Book smarts and Book smarts does NOT = actual getting hands dirty lab work.<br />
haha yeah <br /> but still edison perfected the carbon filament that had never been invented before! Thats what (along with a vaccum creates a light)
Edison also tried to enforce his patents against the English man, Joseph Swan, and was so unsuccessful, he had to form a joint company with Swan to market in the UK..<br /> <br /> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joseph_Swan<br /> <br /> Steve<br />
A neon transformer will burn a hole through the glass in 10 to 15 seconds. I used a 12KV 60mA transformer.
I just bought a mini one for $6.... well I bought a neon light for my computer but it came smashed in the mail...so I got to playing around with the transformer, and got a good 1 inch constant spark. and this ible gives me ideas for a mini lightning bulb.
OK, so you don't have to change anything inside of the lightbulb for this to work? Just wondering.
is there anyway i can use an old xbox 360 for this?
When wrapping the aluminum screening around the globe, can you cover the top? And what do you mean by &quot;so the high voltage wouldn't ark unintentionally&quot;?<br />
If the electricity isn't distributed evenly, it can arc to one point in the mesh and can become so hot that it will melt the glass. That probably won't happen, but don't stick any pointed metal objects against the glass or it will probably happen.
What kind of high voltage power source do i need? I don't have access to a computer monitor or TV.
Do you think this would work with an old TV&nbsp;as well?<br />
a crt tv, yes.
How could I&nbsp;fix a store bought lightning bulb, that's has suffered a broken globe. <br /> The Tesla coil looking thing in the middle is still intact, but both the inner and outer bulbs were shattered. It would be a shame to discard this globe, as it worked vary well, and looked vary cool. The globe was about the size of a grape fruit, which made it even more impressive than, some of the tiny ones I've seen. Any ideas beyond a simple round globe would be appreciated as well.<br /> <br /> Thanks<br />
i would say no. unless you have the power to take a vacuum sealed (airtight) glass, fill it with argon and nitrogen, and stick ur coil into it. i would almost wager that the second globe(outer) was filled with a very conductive gas (just a guess) so as to replace the screen. technically you don't need the screen on some globes, but they (if i have this right) don't work quite as well. <br><br>while one globe &quot;might&quot; be possible with some rigging, two globes sounds rather ........ impossible.<br><br>you could, however, look for another ibble that scratch builds a lighning globe and skip all the steps pertainting to the power and coil, and jump right to the globe filling..<br><br>(this is all theory, i'm not 100% sure)
Hey knoxarama! the pictures that NK5 (the author) took were probably long exposures so they had the advantage of looking like there were lots of shocks at once, but they are really just a lot of shocks over lots of time. You might try getting a furnace ignition unit, try a car ignition coil or a NST (Neon Sign Transformer). Please be careful with these they put out less voltage but way more amprage.
In my humble opinion and 2 cents worth experience. it does not worth the work it involved. Plus it is tricky, dangerous for youngster and certainly the bulb would not survive falling from a table. So i am surprised to see such a reckless built not moderated.
That's why it says to keep away from kids and small animals. A little common sense goes a long way. Unfortunately, someone will always do something stupid - there's no stopping that. FWIW, having stairs in your house is just about as dangerous. One little trip, and you could easily break your neck and die. Life is full of dangers. That's what makes it so exciting.
I understand your point of view. But it is good to apprehend that kids are curious and are not aware of the dangers surrounding them. Maybe putting this build in a (bulb) fish tank or putting a label on the pictures "NOT FOR KIDS PLAY" would be a good idea. I don't think dangers make live more exciting... But hey.

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