MakerBot Lantern



Introduction: MakerBot Lantern

Build 3D model in 3dsmax. Transfer the 3dsmax model to be STL file. Divide into several parts including the white and orange colours. Assemble the parts, put the LED light and battery and switch inside. finish.

Step 1: Build the 3dsmax Model

build the makerbot in 3dsmax, remember to create the empty box as the boy of the robot, in the box we put led light and battery inside.

Step 2: Divide the Model

divide the 3d model into different parts, head, body, hand, leg and logo

Step 3: Print All the Parts

use 3d printer to print all the parts. use two sets of PLA, white and orange

Step 4: Set Led and Battery

Put the led and switch and battery inside the body of robot.

the battery use 9V.

Step 5: Connect the Wire and Stick

connect the wire and stick, turn on the switch, enjoy the maker bot lantern.

Thank you for watching.



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