Introduction: Maker Studio HATCHedu ThinkFun GoPro Stabilizer

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This GoPro stabilizer uses pieces from the MakerStudio Gears Set in combination with a few washers, nuts, bolts, skateboard bearings and common items from around the house to make smooth motion for a GoPro in handheld use.

Step 1: Gimbal Part 1

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Cut a portion of the empty paper towel roll and then cut it up the side. Tape 2 skateboard bearings with a small shaft in them near one edge. Then wrap the roll around them tightly and tape it down.

Step 2: Gimbal Part 2

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Do a similar process using the other two bearings, only with a long shaft and a narrower piece of the paper towel roll. Make sure the bearings are centered and there is a small space between them.

Step 3: Gimbal Part 2

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Use the hole puncher to create a small hole in the side of the shaft from Part 2. Then duct tape the shaft from Part 1 into the hole.

Step 4: Mount the GoPro

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Use the bolt, nut, and various washers and spacers to mount the GoPro between two long connectors. Place the shaft of the gimbal in the connectors as close to the GoPro as possible.

Step 5: The Counterweight

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Next add the remaining pieces to the assembly as shown in the picture to act as a counterbalance. Pieces can be adjusted, added or removed to achieve perfect balance and therefore smoother motion. This is where experimenting can be done! For example, try using the hub caps as both locked and unlocked to the connectors to see how it affects the stability. Also try using different pieces that weigh differently. The goal is the get the entire system's center of mass as close to the bearings as possible. Enjoy!


seamster (author)2015-05-20

Pretty nice! Have you taken some videos with this rig, and has it performed well?

SterlingH2 (author)seamster2015-05-20

I have! It seems to work pretty well. Right it is only a two axis gimbal. I think with a third axis it would take even more shake out if the rig!

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