Step 4: Packing the Nichrome

with kapton tape wrap the leads together  as shown 

fold the nichrome loosely into fourths 

than fold it like a letter 3 times and this will be close to an inch long 
Hey Dude <br> <br>Why not simply use a Vitreous Enamel power resistor such as this one <br> <br>http://uk.farnell.com/vishay-sfernice/rwm04106r80jr15e1/resistor-ww-3w-5-6r8/dp/1109220 <br> <br>? <br> <br>It is commonly used in the Reprap heater block design pioneered by Nophead. <br> <br>Much cleaner and you don't need the cement, nichrome wire etc.
I would have but the time did not allow for shipping. I bought one of the first MK6+ upgrade kits and the heater core broke in the first 15 seconds and I needed the printer the next day for a presentation so I made one with what I had.

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