Step 7: Installation

you NEED anti seize compound for this or it WILL get stuck in the core 

coat the heater in anti seize than insert it as you would a regular MBI core and put the screw in with anti seize only finger tight 

wrap the end with the leads coming out with kapton tape for reinforcement 

insulate just as you would for a standard MK6+
Hey Dude <br> <br>Why not simply use a Vitreous Enamel power resistor such as this one <br> <br>http://uk.farnell.com/vishay-sfernice/rwm04106r80jr15e1/resistor-ww-3w-5-6r8/dp/1109220 <br> <br>? <br> <br>It is commonly used in the Reprap heater block design pioneered by Nophead. <br> <br>Much cleaner and you don't need the cement, nichrome wire etc.
I would have but the time did not allow for shipping. I bought one of the first MK6+ upgrade kits and the heater core broke in the first 15 seconds and I needed the printer the next day for a presentation so I made one with what I had.

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