Step 8: Results

after 20+ hours of printing the core is fine i think this is a rather robust design 

the major con it that it takes 50 to 10 min to get up to temp depending on conditions in the room 

the picture is my core after about 20 hours of printing there is a 608zz bearing for comparison 

UPDATE (4/29/2012):

The original made in this instructable lasted about 50 hours of printing. a new version made with 4 ohms of nichrome wire it heats up the MK 6+ heater core in under 2 minutes and has been printing since September  2011with no maintenance. i have printed off 4 full sets of prusa mendel parts and lots of miscellaneous printing. which totals more than 100 hours. 
Hey Dude <br> <br>Why not simply use a Vitreous Enamel power resistor such as this one <br> <br>http://uk.farnell.com/vishay-sfernice/rwm04106r80jr15e1/resistor-ww-3w-5-6r8/dp/1109220 <br> <br>? <br> <br>It is commonly used in the Reprap heater block design pioneered by Nophead. <br> <br>Much cleaner and you don't need the cement, nichrome wire etc.
I would have but the time did not allow for shipping. I bought one of the first MK6+ upgrade kits and the heater core broke in the first 15 seconds and I needed the printer the next day for a presentation so I made one with what I had.

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