OK, so a few of us UK ibles gang had the honor of representing Instructables at the Newcastle Makers Faire this weekend. Kitewife, Lizzyastro and I crocheted simple flowers and gave them out to visitors to the stall to promote Instructables. Each one took about 2mins to finish, so they were perfect for giving away. After having made about a hundred, I figured I may as well write it up as an Instructable -  A Makers Faire Instructable.

So here it is - nice and simple if you can crochet! if you need some help, there are various Instructables on how to crochet. This one covers the stitches used in this ible.... https://www.instructables.com/id/Beginning-crochet/

Step 1: Start off

Using a 5.5mm crochet hook and some brightly coloured (and in this case sparkly) double knit, knot a loop on to the hook to get started.
Would u happen 2 know how 2 crochet a heart? Ty
Very nice ty 4 sharing, Gr8 job! Love Shalom
Nice ! :-)
These are great - I saw so many smiles as you gave these to passing visitors.<br><br>

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