Makers Faire, Newcastle, UK - 2010





Introduction: Makers Faire, Newcastle, UK - 2010

 Both Hannah and I went up to the Makers Faire in Newcastle this weekend, we both had lots of fun looking at all that was there.

We went both days, and easily filled them up. I made a POV device, and one of Mitch Altman's Brain Machines (Trip Glasses), and Hannah made one of Mitch's TV-B-Gone kits.

I intend to head up and organise an Instructables Table for next years Maker Faire. Keep an eye out in the community section for a forum topic in the nearish future! Or, make a comment below showing your interest, and I will get back to you once the wheels are in motion!



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What is the power item on the top, very interested in building one

I'm in at least 2 of your pictures... Next year Nottinghack will hire a mini-bus and run a cheap trip up there from Nottingham

Missed It.But May Head Up Next Year Though. I Live At Wakefield In West Yorkshire May Be Able To Go On A Family Outing And Take A Day Off High School. I'll Say I Have Flu And No One From High School Probably Spot Me There Lol
Though Sharlston Maybe Up There.
Sharlston Cat Out

Wooo thats me in the background soldering with the space invaders t-shirt on!!!! :p

It was an immense day!!!

Do I really need to register my interest?

I figured you would be interested. It would be awesome if it was an actual possibility for you to help.

So far, its looking mainly like Me, Han, and Jayefuu as strong possibilities. If we get you onboard we can flesh out the team with minions, or manage just as us four.

The restriction, as usual, is school.

If the next Faire is in break-time, I am all over it.  If it's in term, I'm restricted to Saturday and Sunday.

I would guess it will be around the same time as this year.(and the year before) 12th-13th ish of march. 

I understand that travelling up on the friday, and coming back on the sunday would make for a very squashed weekend, so I would not ask for you to help out with any setting up, perhaps just to be on the stall.

Nice photos, the maker faire was awesome and I notice I even made it into one of your photos. On the very right hand edge of the photo, I'm the guy above the man in the grey hat (only my back though)

Is this you?