Introduction: Makeshift Automatic Treat Dispenser for Halloween

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It's nearly Halloween and I thought why can't the trick or treaters (if that's a word) get their own treats? So I came up with this project. To use it you put sweets in the hole on the top, push the handle and collect sweets from the tube.

Step 1: Basic Box

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Make a small box from some old cardboard. However leave a hole at the bottom back and top back

Step 2: Handle

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To make your handle get a long strip of cardboard. Then put it through a gap in the front and fold it inside facing up and outside facing down.

Step 3: Add the "food Tube"

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Get a kitchen roll tube and attach it to the hole in the bottom.

Step 4: Done

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You have made your automatic treat dispenser. To use it put sweets in the top hole and push the handle in.


amberrayh (author)2015-09-28

This is a cute idea! You should enter it into the Paper Craft Contest.

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