How to alter your cuttlebug embossing folders and machine for an easy, at home, letterpress.

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

You will need

1. Cuttlebug
2. Embossing folder
3. tape
4. scissors
5. paper
6. stamp pad
7. brayer (rubber paint roller.)

<p>I can see why you trimmed round the image to avoid an impression of the surround - letterpress images in books don't have impression marks around them. But individual block Prints on art paper do have such impressions and it adds to the Printy feel of the medium. Clearly the folder still needs trimming aesthetically, but four straight lines does the trick :-)</p><p>Good luck with the photosensitive plates - my local print workshops both sell them and make excellent use of them in their work.</p>
You should enter this in the card-making contest.

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