Makeup Tips on How to Make Eyes Appear Larger




Introduction: Makeup Tips on How to Make Eyes Appear Larger  Some of us have a smaller space from our lash line to our brow. This video will show you how to make that space and your eyes appear larger.


1. Base Eye Shadow: Apply a cream base shadow to inner eye corners. Work it in with an eye shadow brush. We recommend Cover Girl Shadow Blast. Next work up to the brow bone with the brush.

2. 4-Kit Eyeshadow: Use a bit bigger brush to apply a similar powder shadow color all over the lid to set and give a nice base. Apply a shimmer powder to the corners. We recommend Exact Eye Lights 4 kit eyeshadow. With the same brush, use medium toned shade from the 4 kit on the outer corners and bring to the brow bone. Using a darker shade in the crease sets the feature back, while the shimmer highlights and brings features out. Together both make the eye appear larger. Use a fluffy brush to smooth it all out

3. Mascara: Don't pump the brush into the bottle. Lightly swivel and coat the entire brush and tap off the excess from the tip. Take the brush and roll up from the root to coat the entire lash. Coat the lower lashes to make the eyes appear bigger. Cover Girl Lash Blast Length works well to lengthen the lashes.



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