Makeup for a New Hair Color




Introduction: Makeup for a New Hair Color When you change your hair color, you should change your make up to compliment your new look. It is a good idea to take a before and after hair color picture of your face without makeup to see the overall change of tone in your face. This will help you pick out your new makeup colors.


Look 1. Warm, Medium, to Light Hair Types:  We suggest playing up your eyes. Make your eyes brighter with CoverGirl's Exact Eyelights. Keep your lips neutral with CoverGirl Wetslicks.

Look 2. Cool Hair Types:  Cool hair color tones look great with brighter shades of makeup. CoverGirl's Tropical Fusion Palette has great bright shades for day or night. Play up your eyes with CoverGirl's LastBlast Fusion for a more dramatic look.

Look 3. Platinum Blond or Heavily Highlighted Hair: Keep a shimmery tone to enhance your complexion. We recommend CoverGirl's Smokey Shadow Blast and a bronzer like CoverGirl's Cheeker's Bronzer.

Look 4. Red Toned Hair: Stick with an earthy or natural toned eye shadow to enhance your new hair color. CoverGirl's 4 Kit Eye Enhancers have great shades to work with. Use CoverGirl's Perfect Point Plus Eyeliner to finish your eyes. Finally, for blush we like CoverGirl's Classic Color for a natural glow to accentuate your new red hair.



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