Introduction: Makey Makey Dance Mat

Create this fun interactive dance mat with square foam pieces, a Makey Makey, laptop, aluminum tape, and alligator clips.

Step 1: Prepare the Dance Mat

Picture of Prepare the Dance Mat

To prepare the dance mat, first we selected 6 foam pieces. We only choose 6 pieces because there are only 6 controls on one Makey Makey. For our other dance mat, we connected two Makey Makeys to create a larger dance area. On the none dancing side we used masking tape to tape the squares together. Next we used aluminum tape to put an X on each square.

Step 2: Attaching the Makey Makey

Picture of Attaching the Makey Makey

With the Dance Mat prepared with aluminum tape Xs on each square, it was time to attach one alligator clip from the X to the control on the Makey Makey. Using the piano program from the Makey Makey website, it was a simple activity to connect the Makey Makey to our Dance floor.


tomatoskins (author)2015-02-24

I love this idea! It's super simple, durable, and easaly customised.

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