I built a Makey Makey Veggie Piano to bring to the "Believe In People Summer Celebration" Music Festival at Woodwynn Farms on Vancouver Island in BC, Canada (a short drive from Victoria, the capital city of BC). The farm focuses on helping homeless people develop work skills and self respect, along with a deep understanding of sustainability and community living, with a goal of reintegration into society.

The Makey Makey Veggie Piano fit the musical theme and the goal was to have fun and make people smile. Success!

This project took me about 10 hours.

Tools and parts required:

Makey Makey
USB cable, and alligator clips (comes with Makey Makey)
Computer running Windows, MAC or Linux
VMPK Piano software
VMPK keymap file - Attached to this step - "Makey Makey 18 Key Veg.xml"
Makey Makey Arduino program
Acrylic or wood to mount your piano parts to
Ruler or straight edge
Exacto knife or box cutter
Hinges (optional)
Bolts and Nuts
Glue (optional)
22 AWG solid core wire
Wire cutters
Wire strippers
Antistatic wrist strap or velcro cable strap (if you are using a Velcro cable strap you will also need tin foil and scissors)
Painters tape
Solder and soldering gun
Soldering flux
Heat shrink
Finishing nails
Drill &1/4" drill bit
Loud computer speakers
20 vegetables + a few extra - I used carrots and green/yellow zucchinis 
Arduino Software (PLEASE use Linux to program the Makey Makey; Windows requires drivers, which means going into the hardware manager and updating the drivers before it updates itself while trying to upload to the Makey Makey... believe me when I say that using Linux is much easier!)
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Step 1: Makey Makey Arduino Code

Read the Intro to Arduino Instructable if you are not familiar with the Arduino.

Instructions to program your MaKey MaKey are provided by Sparkfun: http://www.sparkfun.com/tutorials/388

You will need the Arduino Add on Files from Sparkfun (follow the instructions they provide you)

If you are a Windows user you will also need the driver (which I found difficult so I booted into to Linux and found it much easier). The driver, add on files, and instructions can be found on the Sparkfun website: https://www.sparkfun.com/products/11511

When you reprogram the Makey Makey, use new Arduino code by replacing the settings.h code with the code provided in the Carrot Piano (A MaKey MaKey Project)  by jimbob1996 instructable. Do NOT use the piano keymap configuration on that Instructable. There are plenty of instructions on how to program an Arduino, which is what a Makey Makey is with a few modifications.

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