Makey Makey Recycled Can Synth


Introduction: Makey Makey Recycled Can Synth

This is a simple hack for when you need to improvise an instrument in 5 seconds and get going !
Using recycled cans, a computer and a makey makey !!

Step 1: What Do You Need ?

5 Jumper wires (One for each Can)

6 Alligator clips (1 for each can)

Some Aluminum foil (If using anything other than aluminum cans)

5 Recycled Soft drinks can/Plastic cups (any throwable drinking thing) (One per Musical note we're playing pentatonic scale here) (Any garbage bin/ Dumpster has plenty)

A computer running LMMS (Linux based) or a similar software that can play a VST (virtual instrument) using keyboard input

Step 2: Prepare and Connect

For each Plastic cup (any cup/bottle that aint metal) you have wrap in aluminum foil.
Aluminum cans can be used as is just clean and dry completely.
We'll be connecting the (Based on the LMMS software default keyboard to note mapping and default Makey Makey pinout for simplicity)
So I'll be connecting the A, S ,D ,F and G pinouts to a jumper wire each connected to an alligator clip to a can/cup

Connect an alligator clip to earth

Step 3: Play Around !!

Check all the connections are ok, hold the ground clip in your non-dominant hand and tap the cans with the other, have fun !!



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