Making 140 Pound Test Leader With Hook





Introduction: Making 140 Pound Test Leader With Hook

Get the quick twist tool to bend the wire on one side of the tool (VERY EASY LOOK CLOSELY AT PHOTOS) tool comes with an Alan key it is used to twist the wire once the loop has been formed on the opposite side of the tool

Step 1: What You Will Need

AFW leader wire of your choice

Step 2: Cut Leader Wire

Cut to the size of your liking

Step 3: Get Ready to Use Your Du-bro

Now your going to use the du-bro quick twist tool to bend the first end the wire as shown in the photos

Step 4: Twisting Part

Open tool and place leader in tool and close it now twist the leader as shown in the pictures

Step 5: Repeat Step 1 to 4 But With Hook and Done

Bend other end of wire, add hook then twist and done now you ready to go fishing good luck and like my Facebook page FISHERMAN'S PARADISE oh and post pictures of your catch and let me know how this intructable helped you



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I fish mostly in the Long Island sound

How often do you go deep sea fishing?

It's the best tool I ever bought

Very nice. That little tool looks handy!