Our Gardens are a place of therapy, solitude, a place where we can express our gardening skills, get our thoughts together and enjoy planting anything that suits our fancy. It is like our outdoor bedroom or office that is a soothing place to go to.

So why shouldn't we decorate these personal, sometimes private places as we do those same places in our homes to suit our liking?

I enjoy making stepping stones for my garden and have done many different styles from animals, to glow in the dark and even Memorial Stones for loved ones and pets. They are as useful as they are decorative and not too hard to make.

They do require o few days to make because of drying times but otherwise its a project you can involve the whole family, including kids around 6 years old and up.

Step 1: Gather Materials

You will need:

Cement Mix (I used 7 lbs. for this project)
Cement Colorant, optional
A Mold
Mosaic Bits or Broken Glass Pieces
Old Sponges
Old Bucket
Stirring Sticks or an old wooden spoon
Craft Sticks
Paper (disposable bowl)
Flat Head Screwdriver
Rubber Gloves if using a colorant
Eye Protection (Because of Dust)
Breathing Protection (Because of Dust)
<p>Love this idea. Wonderfully creative. :D</p>
I looove frogs and this is very creative, but it ways it reminds me of the strange pipa or surinam toad bc all the pieces are places only on the back..lol..still very <br>nice;)<br> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aCayq56wHSA
looks nice, wear rubber gloves even if you do not use colorant, plaster AND cement are caustic and can blister or cause skin issues, I know this from experience. <br> <br>he dust if exposure is once and never repeated and not a lot is not good but if you are workig close (you are) and working with kids, (maybe) it is both caustic and contriutes to silicosis, think emphazema, or lining your lungs with a coat of hard thin cement. <br> <br>safety precautions always, not because a &quot;nanny govermental agency&quot; tells you to, but because it may keep you from painful issues, sickness or maybe bindness and death. <br> <br>cheap cake pans and chocolate molds as well a sand box molds work great. Generic pam or just oily rag using cheap crappy tasting canola oil will work as a release agent. Used Motor oil is a no no, it smells has metals nasty chemicals in it, fresh motor oil is too expensive.(for me) <br> <br>this is one of the two instructables that is getting me to make something, I am carving it now.....
I loved it and am eager to make these but where&nbsp;can I get this particular&nbsp;mold ?
That's so cute
Thanks Deb, they are fun to do
These are really cute. I may have to try this!
Cute frog, Debra.
The frog is cute! My son wants to make one.
This is a cutie!
LOL Thanks I think so too
Super cute!
Thanks Chauntee
Nice work :)
Thanks Vivanar!
Thats very nice.
Thank you
This is cool.
Thank you
My mum's doing things like this right now...she bought a Green Man mold somewhere and made me a pair of sweet book-ends, not to mention that she's made plant markers for the gardens of everyone she knows...
Thanks for commenting Tauney. If you could ask her where she found molds for plant markers at? I would love to be able to do that.
She bought them from Lee Valley tools--<br/><br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.leevalley.com/garden/page.aspx?c=1&p=50900&cat=2,43319,33281&ap=1">http://www.leevalley.com/garden/page.aspx?c=1&amp;p=50900&amp;cat=2,43319,33281&amp;ap=1</a><br/><br/>I think they come with cement dye, too, which makes things a little more interesting!<br/>
Oh Tauney I just love that site, I think I ordered about half of it LOL! Thank you tons and tons!
Haha! you're very welcome--glad I could contribute to your hobby! Enjoy!
This is just so cute, I would love several of these in my garden
They are really easy to make Betty, you should give it a try.
He is so cute! I like your dragonfly one too. These are really nice.
Glad you like them Grace
This one is so cute. You have so many talents.
LOL Thanks CA!
Very nice, but where did you get that mold you used for the stones? I rather like the little froggy. : 3
I believe I got this one at Michaels Crafts but the manufacturer is called Milestones you might want to check them online for a better price deal.
Looks very nice - have a friend who really likes frogs. Started whenever we were around a pond on the golf course - they sing (croak or whatever) to her.
LOL that finny Beth. Thanks for your coment!

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