In this tutorial, we will be using the Toy2r Egg Qee to create a three-dimensional stitch pattern. Were also going to bust the egg open to make it look like its oozing gooey stuff. You can do this design on just about any rounded surfaced vinyl toy. The Toy2r Earg Qee is another great platform to practice this on, and they're really cheap in case you screw up on the cutting part.


1. Super Sculpey (not very much of it, perhaps an ounce or two)
2. Round small sculpting tool
3. DIY Toy (available at the Delicious Drips Store)
4. Acrylic Paint
5. Brushes
6. Dremel with cutting bit
7. Heat gun

Precaution: When you cut into vinyl, it will create some fumes, so try to work in a ventilated environment during the cutting section of this tutorial. Or not&.your lungs.

Step 1: Toy Prep Work

Step 1: Etching the track
When you get your toy, use a pencil to draw the path of your stitch pattern out. Avoid doing sharp turns if possible but be creative about how your route it. You can either route it so that it intersects with itself, or you can just run a line that terminates any way you want.

After sketching it out, use a Dremel with a cutting bit to carve into the vinyl without carving through it. The cutting bit I used is shown in the background. It's basically a disc that is roughened. The key to doing this well is moving at a steady pace and making sure that you always have a good angle on the toy. You should find that the vinyl is etched really easily.

Step 2: Cut the Qee till he bleeds
Using the same Dremel bit, we find a place where we want our drips to ooze out of. Well etch a second line beneath our initial etching. On our second run around, we're going to apply a little more pressure at a higher RPM with the Dremel to actually cut the section out. Once the section is removed, you may have to pull it out of the inside of the Egg Qee.
Although I appreciate your 'ibles, I don't really like how you "had" a store of your own selling Kid Robots Munny dolls. Unless you were selling them cheaper, however your store has since shutdown so I can't look for myself.
is a heat gun a blow dryer?
i want to try this >.< sdded to my summer MAKE list...
This is so cool. I've never done anything to a vinyl toy like that before, but now I might have to try! Thanks for sharing.

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