This is my entry for the Make it Real Challenge:  I think it is great to encourage children (and adults) to create things using new technology and here's what I will do:  Thank you!

My daughter's gir lscout troop will be coming over for a tech night, and I wanted to find something quick and easy for the girls to make on a 3d printer - I found a very easy Cookie Cutter Designer by guru http://www.local-guru.net/blog/pages/cookiecutter-editor, which he also posted on Thingiverse http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3433.   The program is very easy to learn and use and makes very usable cookie cutters in a short period of time.

Guru has kindly provided source code and compiled versions for MacOS, Windows and Linux - go to http://www.local-guru.net/blog/pages/cookiecutter-editor and download the correct version for your computer.  I used the Windows version.

You'll need
Custom Cookie Cutter Generator software
Optional image to trace
3d printer or 3d printing service

Sugar cookie dough, gingerbread dough or your favorite roll-out cookie dough recipe.

If you want to print these cookie cutters, you can find the STL files at thingiverse,  http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:22614

Step 1: Open Custom Cookie Cutter Generator

Open the Custom Cookie Cutter Generator (cookiecutter application) and you will be presented with a random zig-zag shape made of dots.  You will also see the helpful message, "press 'h' for help" at the bottom of the screen.  From the help menu, hit any key to return.

You can move the dots with your Left mouse button (LMB).
  '+' button will add points, but you can't select exactly where the dots will be inserted.  Dots will be added in at half-spaces.  I find it best to add lots of dots at the very start and then slide them around the perimeter as needed.  More dots make a smoother outline and a nicer cookiecutter. 
'-' subtracts points
't' loads a file for tracing
In this example I loaded an internet image of the Dr. Who Adipose (fatty tissue) creature from the "Partners in Crime" episode.
Great job!
What a plain brilliant idea! Great 'able!
I just posted a Dr. Who 'ible. I caught the preview for this out of the corner of my eye right before the next page loaded...thinking &quot;That can't be another Who reference on the very next page, I must just be in that mind set&quot; <br> <br>So, when I finished up, I went back to look, it was. <br> <br>Nice work.
Those adipose are just too cute, I might need to make some of those covered in white frosting. :D <br /> <br />Great job!

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