Step 2: Trace or Draw your basic shape

Sometimes it is easier to trace a shape starting from a circle, so you can use 'c' to place all the points evenly spaced around a circle
Use the left mouse button (LMB) to drag points into the desired location.

If you get lost, 'h' will always show you the help screen.

'+' adds points, but you can't place them where you want.  After my first cookie cutter, Adipose creature, I figured out that it works better to add lots of points with '+', hit 'c' to put them in a circle and keep repeating until you get a good number of points to work with.

If you need to add points later, watch where the points are added, and then pull out a point nearby to make space for additional points.   

Continue to use the left mouse button (LMB) to drag points around to trace your image. 

If you want to start over, you can use 'r' to reset the cookiecutter, which removes any points you added and returns to the random zigzag shape.