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Sometimes you don't know wht to right in a birthday card, so you just go out and buy one. But it turns out, homemade cards are more thoughtful, so I'm goanna show you some tips.

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For your friends birthday card, fold the card any way you want. On the cover, you can write whatever you want, but a good thing to write is usually "Happy (whatever wage they're turning) birthday (and maybe their name). Try to make the cover bright and fun!

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So once your done the cover, the inside comes. It's kinda hard to explain, but you just gotta right somethkg from the heart. My bestow moved far away and I wrote her a very personal card saying how great of a friend she was and how much I loved her and all of that stuff, but sometimes for other friends I just write "Happy Birthday your awesome I hope you have a great one" inside, but it really depends. But just do it from the <3heart.

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Okay so once your done the message, draw a cake and some balloons and flowers or footballs, confetti, or just a bright colorful border. So those are some tips and I hope you had fun:) thnx for reading. EmeraldRox


emeraldrox (author)2013-08-19

Sorry this is very boring. I was just doing a "craft" and wanted to make an instructable at the same time! PLEASE forgive me:(
:( :(

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