Ever wanted to practice shooting on a 3-D target? Ever wanted to make a home-made ballistics gel head that bleeds just like in the YouTube series "Zombie Go Boom"? Well here's your chance! If you want to use a mold for the head, you can. If you do use a mold instead of a pot, remember to pour the gelatin inside the mold after melting it. Have fun

Step 1: Buy Materials

The materials needed for this instructable consist of: Dollar Store skull, unflavored gelatin, 2 plastic bags, water, red food coloring, pen, exact-o knife, pot, stove, hot glue gun, Duct tape(optional),something to stir with, and a fridge. I bought almost all the supplies from the dollar store and Winco. The amount of gelatin I used was 16 ounces, or 32 packets. However, this was not enough to cover the whole skull. For every 28 grams, there is an ounce, if you want to make your own mixture. Also multiply the ounces of gelatin being used by 2 to find amount of ounces needed for water. I used 4 cups.

Step 2: Mark and Cut Skull

Drawing the line is not required, but I did it anyway. Cutting into the skull, to put the blood bag in, is very dangerous. Please be careful when cutting.

Step 3: Make Blood Bag and Insert Into Skull

The most effective way is to fill one plastic bag, seal the top shut with duct tape, then put that bag inside of an empty plastic bag that you ALSO seal shut with duct tape. This may seem excessive but I had the bag break on me 2 times with only one bag and a little bit of duct tape. When you finish with the blood bag, or brains, check to make sure there are no sharp bits of plastic inside the skull. If there are any, you can use sandpaper or you can cover it with duct tape, either way works. After checking, insert the brains slowly, then carefully hot glue the head shut.

Step 4: Be in the Hamlet

This step is easy. Just don't drop the skull.

Step 5: Mix Gelatin & Cool It

I used 4 cups and 32 packets of gelatin. This did not cover the entire skull. If you do want to use more than the amount I did, refer back to step two. First, pour the water into what you will be mixing the gelatin in. Then pour the gelatin mix in the water a stir with a whisk. The whisk helps break up the clumps. If you mix is a little dry, add water slowly and very little at a time. After it should look like mashed potatoes when you are done, but have a harder consistency. Put the gelatin in the fridge until it is noticeably colder than room temperature.

Step 6: Have Blood Bag Break on You.

Even though you knew it would probably break you still got frustrated and stressed out when it did break. You should have used two plastic bags!

Step 7: Melt Gelatin Insert Skull and Let Sit

After gelatin is noticeably colder than room temperature, take it out of the fridge and put it on a stove. You don't want to use a whisk when your mixing while it is heating up . Just us a mixing spoon until it looks kinda like smooth Apple sauce. If your gelatin turn a clear, almost brown color, you will be fine. After you feel like it is done and all the clumps are broken up. You can insert the skull and let it sit for at least 36-48 hours. If you have a layer of white on top of your gelatin, don't panic, it is clear, and looks like ballistic gel underneath the layer of white.

Step 8: You're Done!

Congrats! You finished! If you want to see a video of this ballistic gel bleeding head target being used, click here: I hope you enjoy!
<p>I can see now, my suspicion was dead on it is not the amount of Gelatin you used that is the problem it is the container. Even if you filled it up to its genuine maximum (right to the Brim stopping just before it over flows) you will still not be able to cover the skull ;)</p><p>also, though it is around (those I found) $32 right up to $500 for Medical Training (Biologically correct / measured) Resin Skulls it may be a good investment for several reasons:</p><p>1.) You all ready have the option to just open up (remove) the Cranium (top part of the Skulls head) as it is the way your own skull in your own head works (another credit in my opinion considering the claims of Aliens being behind the creation of man why else would you have a lid to cover your skull / container? ;P ) </p><p>any ways this means NO cutting and also NO sharp edges granted you also end up with (depending on the price) opened Sinus Cavities (the $200 + kind) that you must fill with something (plaster of Paris or resin or even artist clay it can be the air dry kind or oven dry kind) can be used to permanent Seal or if you want modeling clay for a temporary covering can all be used. </p><p>2.) You will need to purchase Silicone or Molding Rubber but if you want to be cheap (and don't mind spending 8 to 12 hours with several pieces of sand paper and some 0000 fine steel or brass wool) you could use Green Sand and also you will need Resin both can be found all over the web and at most hobby stores too. Than simply take some time and mold the skull you bought and there you go one you can destroy with ease knowing it only cost you about $4 give or take (this is calculated in Time Spend and not so much material! here is why: )</p><p>3.) With every Resin Kit and Silicone Molding kit and what ever else you buy to seal off the open parts you don't want you should be able to get 2 to 4 skulls and still have a little left to make eyes too ;)</p><p>4.) You can literately build up a face from these skulls I do mean a face with all its intricacies and in anatomical scale too! Cheeks ; Mouth ; Tongue ; Sinus Channels that can be with a little bit of shopping around filled with surgical/hospital rubber pipes the kind used in IV`s the best (most accurate to density and thickness of facial veins are the rubber tubes used on IV`s that are used on newly born babies) simply block one part pour in your fake blood and now you have a vein with even more effort you can do an entire circulatory system! the sky is the limit and the time you wish to spend. (Naturally some type of armor is needed like a Resin chest plate or what ever to protect the gadgetry that simulates the body functions so you can recycle and reuse these (I said bodily functions as you can even simulate breathing and the full functions of the heart and lungs too!)</p><p>As for the fake blood no offense but red colored water is a impromptu solution best left to little children to make more realistic fake blood use a 50/50 or 40/60 mix of boiling water and clear oil (vegetable oil works great!) and than mix in about 2 to 3 Spoons (not tea spoons) of Corn Flower stir vigorously until everything has mixed and until only very tiny to no oil specs is visible than add 2 to 3 lids full of red food coloring to the mix (use the container of the food coloring`s lids) you can make it as light or dark as you wish, stir again until well mixed leave for 1 to 2 minutes and there you go cheap but safe (even edible though taste like crap but wont kill you! LOL) Holly Wood Fake blood the kind they use when the fake blood is used on or near the face as lab fake blood (PV Sodium) I think that is what it is called cant remember though is very poisonous and also produces fumes when left in contact with the air for 10 minutes or more which than irritates the mouth ; nose ; throat and eyes.</p><p>Also to keep in mind:</p><p>1.) Mix in a little Pink (1/2 to 1 lid only!) and include for the Lungs veins as that is an indication of highly oxidized (high levels of oxygen) in the blood commonly found in the lungs also lighten the blood to a light red for Arteries and main veins you can also add 1/4 to 1/2 a lid of yellow or orange coloring as well.</p><p>2.) the further blood is carried away from the brain ; heart ; major organs and lungs the darker red it becomes.</p><p>Brains can be made through various methods but it is best for realism sake to ensure each segment is hollow and that the angles are correct to allow fluid to fill the entire brain Ballistics Gel can also be used and can also be colored with food coloring or artists pigments (those come in powder and liquid forms) powder works best though as it really saturates the item being colored and allows for easier customization on colors and color shades. </p><p>Lastly any paint/spray or coloring method could be used to cover the ballistics gel with a human skin tanned effect and using some nylon or organically made threads (those are made with Cat ; Dog or Horse hair twilled/spun into a thread and can be split / thinned out too) ALSO THOSE HAIR COMES FROM PET PARLORS AND ALSO FROM HORSE STABLES THE ONLY TIME THEY USE THE ENTIRE ANIMALS FUR IS WHEN IT IS ALL READY DEAD.</p><p>and a leather stitching needle you can even give it hair and use the same tool to produce sweating glands which again can be made to simulate the real deal with a IR receiver diode programmed into a thermo cooling system and than it is as simple as providing your item of choice with the IR transceiver once you activate the transceiver through a hidden touch or mini push button the target will begin to sweat and you can even ramp up the speed of the heart ; lungs and blood circulation system the same way! and if you REALLY want to go beyond that you can even add a system that would send 100 to 250 ml`s of pink died red blood into the organs and main veins along with a special yellowish pink prepared fluid to act as a Adrenal release like I said all and all the sky is the limit! </p><p>And body parts or even entire atomically correct human skeletons are for sale even different builds (skinny ; athletic ; big boned ; male ; female deformed and infected or damaged variants) the only real loss would/should be the fluids ; Ballistics gel and rubber pipes/tubes all of which can be easily repaired and/or recycled! just make sure the Gadgets stay safe and wont get covered with fluids or else you will have to fork out a crap load of money to replace them and spend a lot of time re-programming or reloading the program into the gadgets and than there is also the synchronization basically:</p><p>Protect your gadgets and unless you have an aversion to money DO NOT use the original skeleton / body parts you bought they are pretty expensive and may even become hard to find items at some point!</p><p>Well, feel free to experiment and use what I just provided you for it is not registered or copyrighted well any more (the basic patent on this expired in 1920 or something LOL) and Holly Wood has not claimed it to be their own so go crazy! ;) </p><p> <strong> ! W A R N I N G ! - ! W A R N I N G ! - ! W A R N I N G ! </strong> </p><p>OF COURSE TAKE NOTICE OF WERE YOU CHOOSE TO USE THIS PROP / TARGET AS IT WILL CAUSE THE UNINFORMED PUBLIC TO PANIC AND CALL THE POLICE OR EVEN WORSE CAUSE THE POLICE TO INTERVENE IN WHAT THEY THINK IS AN ASSAULT OR MURDER!</p><p>ALSO, DO NOT USE THIS AS A PRANK YOU CAN AND WILL INFLICT PSYCHOLOGICAL TRAUMA AND EVEN HEALTH PROBLEMS ALL OF WHICH CAN GET YOU ARRESTED AND TRIED FOR ANYTHING FROM:</p><p>DISTURBING THE PEACE RIGHT UP TO EVEN ATTEMPTED MURDER!</p><p>ALSO, EPILEPSY AND OTHER SUCH DISORDERS ARE OFTEN TRIGGERED BY THE ONSET OF STRESS AND TRAUMA THE SAME GOES FOR HEART ATTACKS AND NO THERE IS NO AGE LIMIT ON HEART ATTACKS SO BE WARNED! </p><p>USE YOUR BRAIN/MIND AND ALWAYS THINK ABOUT HOW YOU WOULD FEEL IF YOU COME ACROSS SOME ONE SLASHING OR SHOOTING &quot;SOME ONE&quot; ELSE BASICALLY: PUT YOUR SELF IN OTHERS SHOES AND THAN ACT ACCORDINGLY TO ENSURE YOU DON'T GET ARREST OR SIMPLY SHOT! AS CIVILIANS CARRYING GUNS MAY FEEL THEY NEED TO INTERVENE AND UNLIKE THE POLICE THEIR TRAINING STARTED AT SOME POINT AND ENDED AT SOME POINT WITH A WEEK TO A MONTH OF TRAINING THUS THEY UNLIKE THE POLICE ARE NOT TRAINED TO HANDLE SUCH SITUATIONS AND FEELING THREATENED ARE IN THEIR FULL RIGHTS TO POINT AND FIRE TOWARDS YOU!</p><p>ANOTHER THING TO KEEP IN MIND IS MILITARY AND SOME INTELLIGENCE AGENCIES/FORCES THESE GUYS ARE`NT TRAINED TO MAKE ARRESTS THEY ARE TRAINED TO KILL AND DO SO VERY SUFFICIENTLY THEY ALSO HAVE WHAT IS CALLED &quot;A CONSTANT RIGHT TO EXERCISE DEADLY FORCE ACCEPTION&quot; WHICH MEANS THEY CAN BY LAW SIMPLY KILL YOU AND THEY WONT EVEN GO TO COURT! </p><p>AND THEY WILL KILL YOU BECAUSE OF THEIR TRAINING AND ALSO BECAUSE UNLIKE ANY ONE ELSE THEY ARE TRAINED TO DO DOUBLE TAPS (PULLING THE TRIGGER ONCE AND A SPLIT SECOND AFTERWARDS PULLING IT AGAIN THUS SENDING TWO PROJECTILES INTO THE TARGET AT THE SAME SPOT A FEW MILLISECONDS APART)</p><p>AS A S.A.S GUY SAID: &quot;Double Taps is like sending two sledge hammers into your target at a very precise focused point with a lot of speed and momentum, thus it will feel like being hit by a sledge hammer twice and no one would be able to get up from that! I don't care how well build or fat he is, he is going down for the count permanently so does not matter if you carry 9 mm or .45 or the military 9X19 mm Rounds get double tapped and your as good as dead&quot;</p>
<p>P.S.</p><p>I do not currently have the funding to do a full instructable on this though as you can clearly see I am interested in making such a target and have put quite a lot of time into researching this!</p><p>So as soon as I have the money and the time I will make one or maybe more body parts in this fashion and do a full inscrutable as well as provide some videos of it in action and how I made it ;) </p><p>I am also working on a few special projects concerning less lethal and legally non licensed lethal self defense options/tools as well which I will use the targets for. </p><p>My inventions would be Trade Marked and Copyyrighted as I plan to sell them! </p><p>just a heads up! </p>
<p>Great idea! I just might hollow out a human skeleton and pin it up against a tree to throw knives at and shoot towards.</p>
<p>Good job!</p>
<p>"click here".. no link? </p><p>I'm curious to see what happens when you shoot this ballistics gel head!</p>
<p>Cool! I like the Hamlet part. :)</p>

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