Step 3: Use

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Go ahead and give it a try!  Put on your glove and see what you can do with your phone.

No, it won't be as accurate as using your bare hands but it is good enough that I was still able to type on the iPhone keyboard without too many errors.  And now I don't have to take off my glove just to answer a call or read an email. 

can i use copper wire from old headphone? can't get conductive thread on my local shop

guntemar3 years ago
This will be a great thing since I use my iPhone as a GPS/Music Player on my motorcycle...I always wear gloves and have to pull over to do anything on the screen..
Ryutso4 years ago
Cool! Now I just need to find gloves, which are very uncommon down here in Florida, even though it's gotten pretty cold this year.
toddmax4 years ago
Great instructable, and a must for us Vermonters.
Enough about that.... have any details about the gloves? Make, model? I want.. :)
Grathio (author)  toddmax4 years ago

The gloves are definitely Burton, I think they're the Pipe Glove (link) though the new model replaces the swirly pattern on the palm with a big logo. :/
philauris5 years ago
 LOL! i use my nose or chin in the winter for my ipod and iphone lol
bornahorse5 years ago
Would these gloves work with a classic ipod wheel? That'd be great, cause then I wouldn't have to keep taking off my gloves to adjust the volume.
chicagoandy5 years ago
Why is being a messy sewer a good thing?
AKskate9075 years ago
thanks brah, i live in alaska and snowboardings gonna be alot better now that i did this, nice instructable
jono4565 years ago
 Your comment that a capacitive touch screen "completes a circuit" is not true. I realize that it does not matter that the reader understands the technology of a capacitive touch screen but it is just wrong to tell a falsehood. That does not serve a useful purpose. It only perpetuates the current situation of so few people understanding how things work.

For instance, if completing a circuit were all that is required then the finger would never have to contact anything. A metal stylus would do the job and of course it will not.
… Granted that the iPhone is programmed to ignore small touches, so the stylus example wouldn't work, conductive or not.
 He made a mistake. You don't need to attack him and accuse him of lying to everyone.

Rather, Explain how it works. 
Jono456, to be fair, you are more thoroughly completing the circuits in a touch sensor when you use a capacative touch device, and yes a metal stylus will work if it has a larger tip (touch sensors are usually optimized for larger objects).

I'll press the "post comment" button with my metal pen on my capacitive touch pad just to be sure.  I'll also use a sock (I don't own gloves) to isolate the pen from my hand.
 If this worked you don't have a capacitive touch screen, if it is like a Palm pilot or a treo or something of the sort it is NOT a capacitive touch screen, if it's an ipod touch or Iphone it was just a fluke that it worked, it will not work, trust me I've tried
I don't have a capacitive touch screen, I have a capacitive touch pad below my keyboard, and the part is branded as such by both Dell and Synaptics.  Also, the drivers state that it is a capacitive touch pad.  It does work with metal, but not as well as it works with fingers, and if you look up how capacitive touch pads work, you'll find that they should be able to sense most metals.

here is a proof of concept:
electrocat5 years ago
Thanks! i'll try
Mapkys9995 years ago
pretty cool, I'll probably try that with my HTC
Unusually nice photography too. Good job. I'd like to try this just for the touch music player controls on the outside of my dumbphone.

Kosmic Blu5 years ago
Brilliant! Makes a world of difference. Cool. Thanks