In this Instructable I will show you how to create a classic kettle body using ProEngineer(Wildfire 5).

**NOTE**- I understand that I am missing the spout at the moment as it will require more advanced skills (hence taking more time) and shall be added soon. 

Step 1: Drawing the Base

First, open a new 'part' in ProE. Next select sketch mode from the top right hand corner. Select the front datum plane and click OK to start your sketch.
Draw two lines like shown in the image. Mine are set at 150mm(Line 1) and 25mm(Line 2) with a 110 degree angle. This will help make the general shape of the kettle.
Next right click(RMB) and select 'Centreline'(Line 3), then rotate it until it is horizontal. A red H will appear to confirm this. The distance between this line and Line 2 will determine how tall the base of the kettle is. I set mine to 200mm.
Next, select the spline tool on the right (The squiggly line) and draw a line(Line 4) from the end of Line 2 to the point where Line 3 meets the y-axis. Middle mouse button (MMB) to deselect the tool.
Next use the tangent tool to make the curve. To make the curve, first click near the top of Line 4 and near point on Line 3. Then repeat the process at the bottom of Line 4 with Line 2.
Make sure you join Line 3 to the left end of Line 1(Makes Line 5).
Press the blue tick to confirm and exit from sketch mode.

Next you need to use the revolve tool to make your sketch 3D. 
First, select Line 5 and click on the revolve button.
Press the green tick to confirm your revolve.

You now have a base to your kettle. 

very nice, do you have any ideas about how you will approach building the spout? what kinds of different tools with you need to use to make it?
To make the spout I make a few new points and an extra datum so that the spout of properly aligned. I then just use the extrude tool and remove material. Iw ill be posting the spout soon.

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