Making a K'nex Model on MlCad





Introduction: Making a K'nex Model on MlCad

This instructable will show how to use MlCad efficiently to make a k'nex 3D model and will show you some other useful tricks such as constructing parts that aren't included.

I will be adding more steps over time.

Step 1: Downloading and Entering the Program

1: Click on the link below to download MlCad.
Click on the link Save the file.
2: Once you have downloaded MlCad, find the folder labelled Knex. If it is not already on your desktop, run a search of your computer for a folder titled Knex.
3: Enter the Knex folder and double click on the application titled MLCAD.
4: Mlcad is now opened.

Step 2: Building a Y-Connector

1: This is what the final product will look like.
2: To start, go to P in the parts bin.
3: Pull out one Panel 1 x 2 x 1.
4: Copy and paste the panel. Flip it so that it mirrors the other one.
5: Go to T in the parts bin.
6: Pull out one Technic Pin Joiner Round.
7: Add a connector.
8: Use the connector to adjust the distance of the two panels from each other.
9: Delete the connector.
10: Select all 3 parts.
11: Group the parts, and call them Y-Connector.

Step 3: Increasing Rotation Angle

1: Select a part. Go to Edit, Rotate, Keyboard Entry.
2: Check the box next to Use rotation vector values. Type 1 for Z, type 45 for Angle. Hit OK.
3: You should now be able to rotate parts by 45 degree increments in medium grid mode.

Step 4: Essential Hotkeys

These are the most important hotkeys, memorizing these will save hours.

Ctrl-D: Duplicate
Arrow Keys: Move
Ctrl-Arrow Keys: Rotate
Del: Erase



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    I found a great here:

    I click on the link and it says that the post was deleted by the author and I really want to download this to work on my own projects.
    If anyone can get me a link to MLCad K'nex, it will be much appreciated.
    Thanks in advance.
    How's this? :)

    Isn't that the standard version?

    Does it include the K'nex stuff, and not just the Lego?

    Nice work!
    whats the diameter of a gray rod?