Making a Miniman

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Introduction: Making a Miniman

First make sure you have the torso, head and legs!

Step 1: The Torso and Legs

First connect the legs and torso like so...

Step 2: The Head

Then you take the head and connect it to the torso, and there is your miniman!



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<3 I wonder who that is

Also notice the 1 <3. Lol I wonder who that is

Sorry if you thought I was talking to either of you. This whole dammed instruct able is a joke

No offense branb, but I totally agree with MIK3 H. This is not an instructable; everyone knows how to make these.

Cool, do you even realized, that you can actually do the second step before the first? And if you read this tut backwards its an disassembly instruction. But what im missing is that the outcome is only a bold minifigure. Would be great if you told us what to do!

Dude.... I mean just..... Why....? This must be a joke

You should check out my minifig disguises I recently uploaded a new one