Picture of Making An 8-Bit Mario
In this short tutorial I will show you how to make an easy 8 bit mario in Photoshop CS3 but you can use Ms paint or any other program.

This is also my first Instructable!!!! Woohoo!!!
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Step 2: First Coloring

After you have downloaded the chart, the next step is to put on the first colors on the chart.

the first 2 colors you will be adding are the YELLOW AND BROWN

The color code for yellow is= #e8b43e
The color code for brown is=#523436

then copy the below pic of the yellow and brown
longp200010 months ago

Really Cool

cyrozap5 years ago
Could you post your final product as a downloadable file? Some of us are lazy :P
chew1192 (author)  cyrozap5 years ago
cyrozap thanks for your comment, i am new to this so until i can figure out how to do that, try to right click the image and choose Save Picture As... (be sure to save as a png)