Introduction: Freezing Flowers Using Homemade Substitute Liquid Nitrogen!

This video I Freeze a Flower... Among other things... With a Homemade, stand-in liquid Nitrogen solution made from Isopropyl Alcohol and Dry Ice... Its amazing how quick a liquid at -110 degrees F can freeze something!

Dry Ice and concentrated Rubbing alcohol will be needed... The quantities are up to you!

Be careful, and wear gloves... Oh and don't forget to have fun!

Thanks to KnightHawkInLight for letting me use a snippet from his awesome video, which can be found here: ( Defiantly Check It out!

As for how to concentrate rubbing alcohol at home, easily using only table salt! Check out my video here: (

Thanks for watching!


Chikpeas Brother (author)2014-03-13

Awesome! This is a fantastic substitute. Why don't you make an 'ible just for it?

Is an "Ible" just an Instructable with only text..?

No, it's the short way of saying instructable. Trust me, a few times of typing that out and you'll see why we summarize it.

I maent to say photo not text...

Very cool, I had no idea you could do this with things you could easily get at home!

It always fun to learn a new thing, right? :D

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