Introduction: Making Automatic Street Light

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Here i have made a model project of automatic street light. When Darkness will appear on it, led will glow automatically & when light will appear on it, led will off automatically. You can also make this by following easy steps.

Step 1: Understanding Circuit Diagram

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Here is the circuit diagram of automatic street light. This is very easy diagram. Just follow it. You will also able make one.

NOTE: This is a standard circuit diagram. If you are following this diagram, you will need extra wires. I have followed same diagram but made different structure, as a result it didn't take extra wires. So choose structure wisely!

Step 2: Gathering Ingredients

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PCB Board



1x330 ohm resistor

1x220 k ohm resistor

1xBC548 transistor

9V Battery

9V Battery Holder


PCB Drill



Soldering Iron

Soldering Wire

Soldering Paste

Black or white tape

Both side sticking tape

Step 3: Finalising

Dig holes on PCB Board by PCB Drill. Then solder all the components according to the diagram by soldering iron. Finally stick wires & battery with tape. Hurrah! You have made it!

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tomatoskins (author)2015-02-13

This looks great! It makes me happy to see a new electronics enthusiet in th community!

thanks for your comments. So have you tried it?

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