Beaded tiaras for princesses of all ages

I got the idea for this one day while staring at the bead section of my local Wal-mart. You can make this cute crown your own way, or you can do one up the same way I did! These tiaras would be cute on any girl. Great for dress up and play (as these were made for) or even for a fun touch to a prom dress.

For this instructable, we shall be making the blue tiara.

Step 1: Gathering Supplies

You will need an assortment of things to make this tiara. You might already have some of them laying around. Other things can be purchased at the dollar store or at Wal-mart.

-Beads (for the blue crown I used clear plastic multi-faceted beads in two sizes, blue pony beads and blue star beads)

-Measuring tape

-Wire cutters

-20 gauge silver wire (you can use 22 gauge wire if the 20 gauge wont fit through your beads)


-Ribbon (I used quarter inch ribbon but you can use half inch as well)

-Hot glue gun and glue sticks

-Plastic head band (I got mine at the dollar store, 3 for a dollar... any color because we will be covering it up with ribbon)

-Floral tape (usually it comes in green, but I found white... if you can only get green, go ahead because we will be covering it up with ribbon). The floral tape is important to cover up the ends of the twisted wires and to secure them in place.

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