Introduction: Making Bed and Baby Crib for Barbie Dollhouse

Picture of Making Bed and Baby Crib for Barbie Dollhouse

Barbie now has a well equipped home but not even bed!

I propose the creation of a wood pink bed for Barbie (made with laminate floor) and a white baby crib (with wood skewers).

Video :


- Laminate wood
- Wood glue
- Paint...


- Table saw
- Drill
- Glue gun
- Scroll saw

Step 1: Baby Crib: the Sides

Picture of Baby Crib: the Sides

For the structure I used 6mm MDF.

The rounded edges are cut with a scroll saw.

Step 2: Baby Crib: Bottom Board and Top

Picture of Baby Crib: Bottom Board and Top

The bottom board and the top posts are drilled to receive the bars.

I added a scotch tape on the drill bit to locate the drill depth.

Step 3: Baby Crib: Bars

Picture of Baby Crib: Bars

The bars are cut in skewered picks.

They are glued to the wood glue.

Step 4: Baby Crib: Assembly and Paint

Picture of Baby Crib: Assembly and Paint

The elements are sanded and assembled with small wood pin.

Then the bed receives 2 coats of white paint.

Step 5: Barbie Bed: Cutting

Picture of Barbie Bed: Cutting

For the bed of Barbie I recovered falls of laminate flooring.

Step 6: Barbie Bed: Notch

Picture of Barbie Bed: Notch

I made notches by letting go beyond the saw blade of a few millimeters.

Step 7: Barbie Bed: Assembly and Paint

Picture of Barbie Bed: Assembly and Paint

The bottom is made in a 3mm MDF board and the assembly is made with wood glue.

With the fall I made a small bedside.

Here I painted in pale pink.

Step 8: Barbie Bed: Mattress

Picture of Barbie Bed: Mattress

For the mattress I cut a piece of foam that I covered with fabrics, glued to the glue gun.

Step 9: Final

Picture of Final

Here ! Now Barbie can invite full in her house!

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ZaneEricB (author)2016-12-12

very well done!

Why does babrie look like she is more ready to make a baby than make baby furniture?

Riffifi (author)ZaneEricB2016-12-12

LOL i also thought the pose is pretty suggestive XD
@Magic Manu le berceau est prêt juste à temps pour un remake moderne de la crèche ^^
(et aussi, t'as de la chance d'être aussi bien outillé pour réaliser tout ça!)

MagicManu (author)Riffifi2016-12-13

Pas bête la crèche de Barbie ! lol

Oui je suis de mieux en mieux outillé et c'est sûr que ça aide bien :)

MagicManu (author)ZaneEricB2016-12-13

Lol! It's just that with these facilities, Barbie has no more money to buy clothes!

ThraxanD (author)ZaneEricB2016-12-12

lmao yes!

seamster (author)2016-12-06

Great techniques! Well done on these tiny pieces of furniture :)

MagicManu (author)seamster2016-12-07

Thank you seamster :)

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