Picture of Making Carbon Dioxide At Home
This tutorial will teach you the very simple procedure to trap a balloon of carbon dioxide using only common household kitchen supplies.
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Step 2: Step One: Fill The Bottle

Take the spoon and put in some baking soda. Doesn't really matter how much, just make sure you've got a couple of spoonfuls.

Step 4: Step Three: Prepare For The Reaction

Carefully stretch the balloon over the mouth of the bottle- don't dump the vinegar in yet! Then carefully move the setup into a sink and set the vase down.

Step 5: Step Four: Perform The Reaction

With your hand on the mouth of the bottle, carefully tip the balloon over, dumping in the vinegar. Watch as the balloon fills with a gas. That gas is a good portion carbon dioxide. Although it isn't pure because of the air in the bottle, it's enough to extinguish a candle.

You're finished! Clean up your mess and make sure to favorite this tutorial!