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Introduction: Making Child Proof Containers Easy to Open

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Please do not do this if you have young children in the home.

I really do not like child proof containers so I thought I would describe my methods for making them easy to open.

The three steps following show the way I made three different style child proof caps easy to open.

Step 1: Style One

This bottle has arrows that must be lined up to open. (See figure one)

Even when the arrows are properly lined up it is hard to open,

In the second photo you can see a tab on the inside of the cap on the left.

All you need to do is file it off and the lid will come off easily.

Step 2: Style Two

On these bottles there is a two piece cap, you must press down to turn the inner cap to open the bottle.

Use a hack saw, coping saw, or a sharp knife with a serrated blade to cut off the top cap.

Or do it the easy way, the caps from one quart size Gaterade or Powerade fit perfectly.

Step 3: Style Three

This is a Walgreens prescription bottle.

If you put the lid on upside down it is easy to open.

Trouble is the natural way to put the lid on is right side up, then it locks.

In the third picture you can see a tab on the bottle.

You press the tab down to open it.

To make it easy to open cut the tab off like in the fourth picture.



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    Blister cards are my pet peeve. --and why do they pack ARTHRITIS pills that way? Just plain sadistic, if you ask me! FYI, you can ask the pharmacy to pop them off the card and bottle them.

    2 replies

    Your complaint about blister packe inspired me to look for a solution.

    See my new instructable:

    Yes, I hate them to.